Sunday, December 11, 2016

Marlee, Maja, and Piper Get Ready for Christmas

Hi everyone! It's Zaira, and first off I want to apologize for the lack of blog posts around here recently, school has been super busy for all of us and most of our parents agreed that our weekly blog meetings and photoshoots should probably be put on hold until the school year got underway, especially since not all of us live within two seconds of each other like Venus and I do, and we didn't want to leave everyone else out of the blog! But we're back now, and today I'm going to show some pictures of Marlee, Maja, and Piper at Marlee's Christmas party that was yesterday. Of course, all the girls were there but since us four, plus Eve, were there first we took the opportunity to snap a few pictures.

Marlee is wearing one of her favorite outfits, you may have seen her wear it before actually. It's a real antique dress that was in her attic, along with the shoes and hairbow. It probably belonged to her great grandmother when she was a girl, or even her great-great-grandmother, as Marlee's house has been in her family for generations.

Here is Maja, she's wearing yet another old-fashioned dress, however, hers came from a reenactment shop on the island and therefore is a replica of an antique. It has the loveliest details!

An obligatory photo of the girlfriends. Such love, much cute.

And finally, we have Piper, ad many of you know she isn't much for dresses or lace or dressing up at all really, most of the time she wears her overalls with striped tee shirts and some boots or maybe a sweatshirt when it's cold. However she does clean up nicely, and I think this outfit fits her style really well.

Piper is wearing a plain white cotton ribbed shirt, her white Converse, and a tartan skirt that's actually one she brought back from Ireland last summer when she went to visit her cousins. To finish the outfit she has on a snowflake headband, she received it as a Christmas gift from Violet last year.

Here are all three girls in their festive outfits!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, and I will see you again very soon!
~Zaira Joy
(photos by Eve)

(Marlee is Marie-Grace with an RRG wig and freckles)
dress, shoes, and bow- AG Samantha's collection
glasses- American Girl Truly Me line

(Maja is GOTY 2016 Lea with a nose ring)
dress- unknown brand
shoes- AG Rebecca's meet outfit

(Piper is a Saige doll with custom green eyes, added freckles, and a cut wig)
shirt- Our Generation
skirt- Worldwide Dolls original
shoes- Springfield Collection
headband- unknown

Monday, July 18, 2016

Who Wore it Best? A Sew Nice Dolls Clothes Review

Hi guys! Today I have a very special post for you. A while back, Tracey from Sew Nice Dolls Clothes contacted us via our instagram (@worldwidedolls) and asked if we'd be willing to do a review of an outfit from her shop. Of course we said yes, because why would we say no to new clothes? (When I say "we" I mean myself and the blog's manager, Eileen, who also runs the Instagram and has the rather annoying habit of shoving us girls into her backpack. Infuriating!)

Eve (my best friend and the blog's official photographer) thought we should try something different for this post, and I totally love her suggestion! So today, I (Zaira), along with Maja and Madelyn, will each be modeling this dress styled in our own way. Then, you all can vote in the comments below about who you think wore it best! Don't worry, there won't be any hard feelings about who wins, it's just a friendly game :)

** This post is sponsored by Sew Nice Dolls Clothes. However, all opinions are my own! **

The dress we were sent is a one-shoulder floral sundress with matching shoes. It's very well made and all the seams are finished so there's no possibility of fraying. The dress opens with a velcro closure on one side, and once that is pulled apart the while side of the dress opens up, making it very easy to put on. This is also nice because there's no possibility of it messing up your hair as you pull over your head since the dress opens up flat like this!

The shoes are very nice as well and are lined with a cream material, which means that there's no possibility of dye leaking out onto your feet. The bottom of the shoes are finished with some very durable cork.

Okay, so onto the photos!

Contestant #1: Zaira Joy Yumiko

Accessories added: pearl necklace from AG Cecile's meet accessories (retired)
Doll: Ivy Ling, retired AG historical character

Contestant #2: Maja Florence Larson 

Accessories added: shoes from Truly Me Coral Sundress, retired
Doll: GOTY 2016 Lea Clark

Contestant #3: Madelyn Hailey Montello

Accessories added: jean jacket from Sophia's, boots from AG GOTY 2007 Nicki's Meet Outfit (retired)
Doll: Truly Me #62

So there you have it! Be sure to check out Tracey's website, where you can buy more beautiful outfits like this one, by clicking HERE, and let the three of us girls know down below who you think wore it best!

Until next time,
Zaira Joy

Saturday, July 16, 2016

A Week Update

Today I'm going to do something new for this post- Eve's laptop has been broken for the last week, and she just got it back today, which meant that when I got home from work (more on that later!) I had a bunch of photos waiting in my inbox from this week. I thought that instead of posting separately about each group of photos, I'd give them all to you at once along with some island updates.

First, I have some photos of Violet from Tuesday. She was on her way to the mainland for dinner with her swim team, as their season just finished up. Violet doesn't get featured nearly enough on this blog- I think the last time you all saw her, her hair was at least six inches shorter! 

Here's a look at Violet's makeup. Violet isn't one to wear much of it, but this gold glitter gel she picked up at Fisher's Gifts adds a sparkly touch to her look. Speaking of Fisher's Gifts, I have a job there now! It's a cute crafty store on the main street, and I just love working there. 

Next, we have some photos of Marlee and Maja. Eve took these when the four of us and Madelynne were on the mainland on Wednesday evening for some shopping.

Marlee bought these adorable shoes while we were out. I think I might have to get some Converse myself!

Lastly, we have some photos of Piper. Piper is usually not one to hold still long enough for photos- but Eve bribed her with her favorite chocolate bar and an exasperated shout of, "Piper, I have ONE photo of you and we've been friends for six years!"

I think that pretty much sums up this week. I kind of like doing whole blog posts like this. What do you think?

Until next time,
-Zaira Joy

dress and shoes: AG's holiday outfit from 2015
glitter: "unicorn poop" glitter gel
doll: Violet is #42 with a long wavy brunette wig from Ruby Red Galleria

top: Isabelle's coral sweater
shorts: cutoffs from an old american girl just like you meet outfit
shoes: from Hobby Lobby
doll: Marlee is Marie-Grace with a shorter wavy frosted blonde wig from RRG, freckles, and new lip paint

top and bralette: @dollsbasically on Instagram
shorts: worldwide dolls original
shoes: coral sundress from American Girl, 2015
doll: Maja is Lea Clark, GOTY 2016

top and overalls: worldwide dolls originals
doll: Piper is a Saige doll with a cut wig, altered freckles, and green eyes

Friday, July 8, 2016

Marlee and Maja at the Grand Hotel

I'm sure you all are familiar with my lovely friend Marlee by now. What you might not know is that Marlee's parents are good friends with the family that owns the Grand Hotel- perhaps the most famous landmark on our island and definitely the most beautiful building. Marlee's birthday was on June 29th, and as a surprise, she invited all of us girls for lunch at the hotel! And by all of us girls, I mean Maja, Eve, Violet, Madelyn, Nikki, Kirsten, Cecile, Piper, and I! That's a lot of girls!

We were too busy having fun and trying to remember our best table manners during lunch to take pictures, but after we ate we poked around in the hotel shops and Sadie's ice cream parlor. Here are some photos of Marlee and Maja that Eve (who, being the prepared photographer she is, had her camera in her bag). Marlee and Maja have absolutely gorgeous dresses.

Here is some exciting island news: Marlee's sister, Lila, is coming to stay here on the island with Marlee at the beginning of August! Lila attends the school Marlee used to go to in NYC, where she learned to be a ballet dancer. Lila also studies ballet, but her main focus is ariel arts and acrobatics! She's even traveled with a circus! Her current school term ends the 1st, and we're expecting her to arrive on the 6th! 

Until next time!
-Zaira Joy

Marlee (Marie-Grace with a frosted blond wavy wig from RRG)
outfit: American Girl Samantha's collection

Maja (GOTY 2016 Lea)
outfit: American Girl Maryellen's collection

Sunday, June 19, 2016

A Summer's Evening

Hello! Apparently we didn't do an awful job with our last post, because Zaira invited Marlee and I back again to write another! Don't worry, Zaira will be back narrating posts next week. :) 

Hi! It's Marlee, and Venus took some photos of Maja and I last week. I don't actually have that much to say, I guess, but hopefully you enjoy the photos!

Don't you just love the laid-back, cool summer evenings in June? I think they're best spent on a porch swing watching people and horses on the streets, sipping some iced tea or lemonade.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully we'll see you all again very soon!
Maja & Marlee

Marlee (Marie-Grace with a blond wig, lip paint, and freckles)
outfit (shirt and overalls) - Worldwide Dolls originals

Maja (GOTY 2016 Lea)
top and bra - @dollsbasically on instgram and etsy
necklace - Worldwide Dolls original
shorts - cutoffs from a retired meet outfit

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Walk Around the Island

Hello everyone! For the first time ever on this blog, it's not me (Zaira) that's going to be writing the rest of this post! You told me on our Instagram account (@worldwidedolls) that you'd like to see some more of my friends' narrating the posts, so that's what we're going to be trying today. Maja and Marlee are going to co-write a post about their adventure at the beach today.


Hello! My name is Maja, and today I will be writing in this lovely teal color :) Today, Marlee and I decided we were going to take a walk around the island together, which is an easy walk that usually takes two hours or so, maybe a little more if you tend to stop and look at things or get ice cream at Cannonball's like we did. I decided to take my camera along since Zaira said I could write a blog post sometime, and this seemed like the perfect occasion. Marlee and I met near the backside of the Grand Hotel pool, and took the picture below to document how in sync we really are- look how coordinating our clothes are!

Hi! I'm Marlee, and I'm going to be writing in magenta! Maja and I walked all the way to Cannonball's before we were dying of thirst wanted to grab something to drink for the rest of our walk. My favorite thing to get at Cannonball's is the vanilla sprinkle twirl cone, but this time we decided we would just get some Pepsi since ice cream would have melted really quickly in the hot sun. I always laugh at this sign whenever we come here:

Marlee and I took some photos of a few other things on our walk, but I think they're pretty self-explanatory so I'll just leave you to them:

This photo (a little overexposed, sorry!!) is of Marlee's house, where we ended our trek and FINALLY got the ice cream we'd been craving (Thanks Mrs. Thomas!!). We took Marlee's secret shortcut to get up here and I snapped this picture of her (isn't she cute!!)

Anyway, I hope you liked our post and hopefully we didn't do too bad of a job and Zaira will let us back to do another one soon. We could even do a series! What do you think?

Bye for now!
Marlee & Maja

marlee (marie-grace with blond wig, freckles, and lipstick)
- dress, shoes, and compass necklace: lea's meet outfit
-headband: lea's celebration outfit

maja (lea with a nose piercing)
-shoes: ag boho swimsuit
-top: worldwide dolls original
-bag: lea's meet outfit
-shorts: cutoff from ivy's meet outfit

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Maja in the Woods

Maja is back again, and something tells me that this isn't a trend that will be stopping anytime soon! Maja's wardrobe and sense of style are fantastic, and she is always willing to pose for photos.

Everything Maja is wearing in this photo is handmade. The overalls and tee shirt were sewn by us, and the necklace was made from a dollar store chain and a little charm from a local store here on the island.

Maja, Venus, and I took this photo in Eve and I's fort behind our houses.

Here is one final look at the whole outfit. Eve says we should open an Etsy shop to sell some of the things we make. What do you think? Would you buy anything?

See you back here again really soon!
-Zaira, Maja, and Eve

What Maja is wearing-
tee, overalls, and crystal necklace: handmade by me
boots: Addy's flower picking dress
doll: Maja is GOTY 2016 Lea