Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Walk Around the Island

Hello everyone! For the first time ever on this blog, it's not me (Zaira) that's going to be writing the rest of this post! You told me on our Instagram account (@worldwidedolls) that you'd like to see some more of my friends' narrating the posts, so that's what we're going to be trying today. Maja and Marlee are going to co-write a post about their adventure at the beach today.


Hello! My name is Maja, and today I will be writing in this lovely teal color :) Today, Marlee and I decided we were going to take a walk around the island together, which is an easy walk that usually takes two hours or so, maybe a little more if you tend to stop and look at things or get ice cream at Cannonball's like we did. I decided to take my camera along since Zaira said I could write a blog post sometime, and this seemed like the perfect occasion. Marlee and I met near the backside of the Grand Hotel pool, and took the picture below to document how in sync we really are- look how coordinating our clothes are!

Hi! I'm Marlee, and I'm going to be writing in magenta! Maja and I walked all the way to Cannonball's before we were dying of thirst wanted to grab something to drink for the rest of our walk. My favorite thing to get at Cannonball's is the vanilla sprinkle twirl cone, but this time we decided we would just get some Pepsi since ice cream would have melted really quickly in the hot sun. I always laugh at this sign whenever we come here:

Marlee and I took some photos of a few other things on our walk, but I think they're pretty self-explanatory so I'll just leave you to them:

This photo (a little overexposed, sorry!!) is of Marlee's house, where we ended our trek and FINALLY got the ice cream we'd been craving (Thanks Mrs. Thomas!!). We took Marlee's secret shortcut to get up here and I snapped this picture of her (isn't she cute!!)

Anyway, I hope you liked our post and hopefully we didn't do too bad of a job and Zaira will let us back to do another one soon. We could even do a series! What do you think?

Bye for now!
Marlee & Maja

marlee (marie-grace with blond wig, freckles, and lipstick)
- dress, shoes, and compass necklace: lea's meet outfit
-headband: lea's celebration outfit

maja (lea with a nose piercing)
-shoes: ag boho swimsuit
-top: worldwide dolls original
-bag: lea's meet outfit
-shorts: cutoff from ivy's meet outfit

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