Saturday, December 21, 2019

A Reintroduction (FAQs!)

Hi! It's me! (And I also live over there in the sidebar now. Hope you can handle two of me for a little while.)

Welcome back to the blog :) It's your easily-distracted, but nonetheless dedicated, host, Zaira, back again with another wordy post. I've come to the realization recently that we (my friends and I) have had this blog for a pretty long time. I think we started back in 2015, almost five years ago. Since then, things here on Cedar Island, and, consequentially, on the blog, have changed a lot. I thought that with the new year coming, it was about time that the whole site got a refresh and I wrote a little post for you all letting you know what's going on! There are some of you lovely readers that have been here since the beginning, but others of you are rather new, and I hope to get you all up to date and on the same page.

Here we go! I'll be answering some FAQs, Q and A style. 

Who runs this blog? Who writes the posts?

A very clear and simple question that has a bit of a complicated answer! Technically, all things taken into consideration, this is my (Zaira's) blog. I started it back in 2015, as I said above, as part of a school project. However, I don't write all the posts here. My friends and I all share the storytelling responsibilities!

So, who are the people who write here?

If you want to learn more about all of us, we have a bio page in the tabs up above where you can read some brief information. But, to make things simple, here's a list of all of the blog's current (as of 12/21/19) contributors, in no particular order.

Zaira Yumiko (that's me!)
Eve Mitchell
Kirsten Larson
Nikki Sherman
Cecile Rey-Noelle
Violet Montello
Piper Merriman
Marlee Ellis
Madelyn Montello
Maja Larson
Lila Ellis
Claudia Kishi
Georgia McKenzie
Gwendolyn Carlisle
Ramona Parkington
Clementine Arnold
Jayne Thomas
Rosanna Fisher
Elijah Wright

Wow, that's a lot. How did you all meet?

We all, except Elijah, who's homeschooled, are students at Cedar High School (on Cedar Island, where we live).

Are any of you related?

Yes! Eve and Georgia are half-sisters. Violet and Madelyn are fraternal twins. Lila and Marlee are sisters. Nikki and Piper are cousins, and so are Maja and Kirsten.

Why is it that some people write posts more than others?

Simply put, some of us just like to write more! It's almost absolutely unlikely that a post you see here is just created by the author, though. For instance, in even my earliest fashion posts, Eve (my best friend and right-hand gal pal) was the one taking the photos, and Marlee has been the one to edit our posts since the beginning.

Why did you start Worldwide Dolls, and why is it called that?

As I said above, back when we started, this was a blog that I wrote all about fashion. I wanted to share fashion from all over the world, so that was the name that I came up with. I've often thought of changing it to something more fitting for the current state of things, but the name's been around for so long now that it seems silly to change it.

We write this blog like a journal- to capture memories that we share as friends here :)

How old are all of you?

Good question. We're dolls, so we don't really age like other people do. We're all high school age. We have approximate values (for instance, Nikki is younger than her cousin Piper, Lila is younger than her sister Marlee, and Eve is older than her sister Georgia).

I see references sometimes here to a "story" that you all are a part of. Can I read that somewhere?

I hope you'll be able to someday! Our manager has written a book (a novel) that features Rosanna, Elijah, Piper, and Madelyn as primary characters. It's still in its second-draft-ish stage, but we both hope that someday you'll be able to read about us in print!

Why are some posts on the blog out of order, contain information that's different than later ones, or reference other posts that don't seem to exist?

Oops. Yeah. That would be my fault. Our stories are still developing, so some details in our posts from a few years back might not be cohesive. That's one of my biggest goals for Worldwide Dolls in 2020 though--to make this blog more streamlined. And as for the references to posts that don't exist: we've had to archive some older posts that contained misinformation. Literally, the whole year of 2018 doesn't exist here anymore. That was a weird time for all of us. Let's just pretend that it didn't happen. ;)

How can I contact you? Where else can I find you all?

We have an Instagram (@worldwidedolls) as well as a YouTube (Worldwide Dolls). Both are run by our manager! You can also always say "hi" by commenting on any of our posts!

Any more questions? Leave them below, and I'll reply!

Thanks for visiting us again, and I'll see you back again soon!
Your friend,
Zaira Joy

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