Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Two Sisters and a Strawberry Sundress

Hello everyone! This is Marlee writing today, not your regularly scheduled and quite possibly more qualified host, Zaira. As a group, the twelve of us girls decided that the blog would benefit greatly if we all wrote posts- we hadn't done this in the past for several reasons:
  1. This was, of course, Zaira's blog to begin with, after she was inspired by Violet's now out-of-commission blog. (That was The Amazing World of Violet- if any of you are here from that long ago I'd be pretty impressed! I wasn't here when she started that, and Zaira wasn't even here either! Wow!

  2. It would be hard for us to post, for multiple reasons- the only ones of us with a blog-worthy camera until recently were Eve (of course) and also Maddie and Violet, although they didn't often photograph for the blog because their camera is old and wasn't compatible with their computer. Also, a few of us, namely Piper and Nikki, do not have internet at home.

However, two of us got cameras for Christmas- Violet got a new fancy one, and Cecile got her own well. So, welcome to the new and improved Worldwide Dolls blog- featuring all twelve of us!

Here I am, wearing a lovely strawberry dress that I got at the store when Lila and I visited last weekend. It's so pretty and summery, but I was freezing while I was taking these photos! You can see some snow in the background, oh my! Good thing I had a coat waiting behind the camera for between photos. Lila borrowed Violet and Maddie's old camera to take these- it turns out it does work with our parent's equally old computer! I guess we have a camera too now, as Mrs. Montello said we can keep it for as long as we like, since it's of no use to them.

We've updated our Meet the Dolls page recently, you should check it out! ;) Also, Piper heard news that two new teachers have been hired at the school and will be starting in the spring, and they have a daughter our age! How exciting! The island seems to have quite the group of teen girls, now, doesn't it?

I took a photo of Lila at the end- it's not half bad! What do you think?

Until next time,

(doll: custom Marie Grace)
outfit is from Maryellen's collection
glasses are from AG

(doll: #58)
overalls and shirt are from Our Generation
boots from AG Kirsten's collection