Sunday, June 19, 2016

A Summer's Evening

Hello! Apparently we didn't do an awful job with our last post, because Zaira invited Marlee and I back again to write another! Don't worry, Zaira will be back narrating posts next week. :) 

Hi! It's Marlee, and Venus took some photos of Maja and I last week. I don't actually have that much to say, I guess, but hopefully you enjoy the photos!

Don't you just love the laid-back, cool summer evenings in June? I think they're best spent on a porch swing watching people and horses on the streets, sipping some iced tea or lemonade.

Thanks for reading, and hopefully we'll see you all again very soon!
Maja & Marlee

Marlee (Marie-Grace with a blond wig, lip paint, and freckles)
outfit (shirt and overalls) - Worldwide Dolls originals

Maja (GOTY 2016 Lea)
top and bra - @dollsbasically on instgram and etsy
necklace - Worldwide Dolls original
shorts - cutoffs from a retired meet outfit

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