Sunday, December 11, 2016

Marlee, Maja, and Piper Get Ready for Christmas

Hi everyone! It's Zaira, and first off I want to apologize for the lack of blog posts around here recently, school has been super busy for all of us and most of our parents agreed that our weekly blog meetings and photoshoots should probably be put on hold until the school year got underway, especially since not all of us live within two seconds of each other like Venus and I do, and we didn't want to leave everyone else out of the blog! But we're back now, and today I'm going to show some pictures of Marlee, Maja, and Piper at Marlee's Christmas party that was yesterday. Of course, all the girls were there but since us four, plus Eve, were there first we took the opportunity to snap a few pictures.

Marlee is wearing one of her favorite outfits, you may have seen her wear it before actually. It's a real antique dress that was in her attic, along with the shoes and hairbow. It probably belonged to her great grandmother when she was a girl, or even her great-great-grandmother, as Marlee's house has been in her family for generations.

Here is Maja, she's wearing yet another old-fashioned dress, however, hers came from a reenactment shop on the island and therefore is a replica of an antique. It has the loveliest details!

An obligatory photo of the girlfriends. Such love, much cute.

And finally, we have Piper, ad many of you know she isn't much for dresses or lace or dressing up at all really, most of the time she wears her overalls with striped tee shirts and some boots or maybe a sweatshirt when it's cold. However she does clean up nicely, and I think this outfit fits her style really well.

Piper is wearing a plain white cotton ribbed shirt, her white Converse, and a tartan skirt that's actually one she brought back from Ireland last summer when she went to visit her cousins. To finish the outfit she has on a snowflake headband, she received it as a Christmas gift from Violet last year.

Here are all three girls in their festive outfits!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, and I will see you again very soon!
~Zaira Joy
(photos by Eve)

(Marlee is Marie-Grace with an RRG wig and freckles)
dress, shoes, and bow- AG Samantha's collection
glasses- American Girl Truly Me line

(Maja is GOTY 2016 Lea with a nose ring)
dress- unknown brand
shoes- AG Rebecca's meet outfit

(Piper is a Saige doll with custom green eyes, added freckles, and a cut wig)
shirt- Our Generation
skirt- Worldwide Dolls original
shoes- Springfield Collection
headband- unknown