Saturday, July 18, 2015

Madelynne's Adventure Outfit

Hey guys, it's Zaira! Earlier this month, we posted Violet's adventure outfit. Today I'll be showing you her twin sister Madelynne's adventure outfit. Maddie and Violet are fraternal twins- which means they aren't identical, so they don't look exactly alike. In Violet's post, we showed you the outfit she wore for her trip down to the rapids in the river. Yesterday, Maddie went to the hills on the edge of the island to photograph this outfit.

Don't worry, Maddie wasn't in any danger when she posed in the road for this picture! On our island, there are no cars- which means this road is only used for horses and bikes! It wasn't very busy, since most of the tourists were in town eating lunch when we took this photo. 

You can see how empty the road is here, and Madelynne's full outfit. She's wearing this off-the-shoulder top, cutoff shorts, and cowgirl boots that we borrowed from our friend Nikki.

Venus got a little distracted and took this picture of a sea gull...

I love this outfit on Mads!

Here is the cliff we had to climb up to take these photos! Hope you enjoyed, we got a ton of mosquito bites so it better have been worth it!


Madelynne's Outfit
Shirt: WWD original
Shorts: cutoff jeans from an old JLY meet outfit
Boots: AG Nicki's meet outfit

Venus's New Hair + Outfit

Um. Well...yes, that is Venus with mint green hair. No, it's not permanent, and she's back to brown now. But it was pretty while it lasted! And I love how well it goes with this coral dress from American Girl. We picked it up on our recent school trip to the city, and it actually belongs to Indie. She let us borrow it for these photos. Thanks Indie!

I like how pastel this outfit is, but Venus's bold makeup gives it a bold touch. I also picked out these hair gem corkscrews to add, because of the sparkle in the dress.

Here you can see all the colors a bit better than in the last shot. The sunlight was so pretty in these photos. We took them just before we went on a hike to Fort Holmes to watch the sunset. It was beautiful.

And here are the hair jewels! Thanks for reading and I'll see you all later. Bye!


Venus's Outfit
Dress: American Girl
Hair Gems: Claire's
Boots: Cecile's meet outfit

Friday, July 10, 2015

Venus's Galactic Outfit

adjective- of or relating to a galaxy or galaxies, especially the Milky Way galaxy.

Hi guy's it's Zaira, and although I'm not sure what galaxy Venus has on her shirt, it sure is pretty!

Sorry for such a quick post- my friend Madelynne is waiting to head off to school!

-Zaira Joy

Monday, July 6, 2015

Venus's Spin on Grace's Sightseeing Outfit

Hi guys! It's Zaira, and today I wanted to show you how Venus styled Grace's sightseeing outfit. This is a new outfit from AG that they just came out with for the Grace (GOTY) collection. It's pretty girly, and therefore I was sort of surprised when Venus picked it out. Once she put it all together, though, I understood. Venus has a very fancy wedding to go to in a few weeks and needed a more formal outfit to wear. 

In this photo you can see the two main pieces- the striped tee shirt with 3/4 length sleeves, and the white skirt. The skirt actually has three layers- a satiny opaque fabric, a netting, and the sheer material with tiny flocked polka dots. This skirt is a very versatile piece- I highly recommend this outfit!

In this photo you can see the sequined top of the shirt, and the white bow. Also, Venus is wearing her trademark black winged eyeliner and red lipstick.

Speaking of trademark pieces, how about these boots??? They're fabulous! Venus wears these with everything, except her pj's and swimsuit, of course! They go with pretty much everything and they can be both dressy and casual, depending on how she styles them.

Venus was just going to wear her hair in her favorite style- two long braids. However, that's where I came in. I wouldn't post this on my fashion blog if I didn't at least help style it, and Venus and i both agreed that these simple pearl cat ears were the way to go to add just a touch of whimsical glamour. These actually belong to Nikki, but she let us borrow them for the photos. Thanks, Nikki!

And here's the hairstyle I was talking about. We put her hair in a simple ponytail and then clipped the two twisted strands in with this mint green bow- it matches Venus's eyes and adds a touch of unexpected color to the outfit. Plus, it echoes the bow on the front of the shirt!

Here's one last look at the outfit- I love it! 


Cat-Ear Headband: WWD Original
Hairbow: Claire's
Shirt: American Girl Grace's Sightseeing Outfit
Skirt: American Girl Grace's Sightseeing Outfit
Shoes: Retired American Girl Kirsten's Birthday Outfit

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Violet's Adventure Outfit

Hi guys! It's Zaira, and today I'd like to share with you an outfit modeled by my friend Violet. Violet is Madelynne's twin sister, and Maddie has a post coming up next! Violet, Venus, and I went on a little adventure to take these pictures. That's how we found out that some of us *coughvenuscough* really don't like bugs! But that's a story for another time :)

Anyway, here is Violet's outfit. It's quite simple but still practical- the shirt is a white tank top with a holographic rainbow heart, and the skirt, which is actual a skort, is a light periwinkle blue color.

We chose these metallic bronze combat boots, that we borrowed from Venus, to echo the metallic/holographic shirt. They're actual hiking boots, which  makes them both fashionable and practical. 

Lastly, Violet has her hair in two braids tied off with purple elastics. In the background of this photo you can see the rapids in the river- I'd love to go rafting there sometime! Hmm, maybe I'll do that this summer!


Shirt: WWD Original
Skirt: Retired American Girl JLY Meet Outfit
Boots: Retired American Girl Music Outfit

Flowers in the City

Hi guys! It's Zaira, and today I'll be posting about my lovely best friend Venus's outfit that the two of us put together for our trip to Chicago. It's really a tunic style dress- and that's it! From Venus's other posts you may have noticed that she usually wears the same black combat boots- they're her favorites! And in most of her photos on this blog she's also wearing these knee socks, but she doesn't always wear those! Venus says there's no way she's wearing tights, because they're uncomfortable and not good for adventure! So whenever I suggest tights, V always reaches for these knee socks, which work just as well in my opinion.

Here is the full outfit. You can see that Venus has her hair in braids- she has really long, curly hair and although I think it's lovely, she says that it's a pain to take care of and therefore always wears it up so she doesn't have to cut it short. This two braid style is her favorite.

This photo is a little dark, because as I've mentioned before, Venus is usually our photographer and I don't know how to work her camera that well! But I guess I really just wanted to show you how Venus does her makeup- she loves to wear red lipstick and black winged eyeliner, but to keep it from looking too dramatic, she never covers up her freckles, which I think is a great idea! 

I hope you enjoyed this outfit! I'm off to go upload the photos Venus and I took of Violet for the post that was supposed to go up last week, but she had a swimming practice. I'll try to get that up within an hour to make up for not posting on Wednesday when we were out of town!


Dress: WWD Original
Shoes: Retired American Girl Kirsten's Birthday Outfit
Socks: American Girl Caroline's Meet Outfit

Friday, July 3, 2015

Independence Day Outfits

Hi guys! It's Zaira, and today I wanted to show you all the Independence Day outfits my friends and I put together! These outfits aren't the best ones we've ever done because we really had to dig around in our closets to find outfits that looked okay together, but thanks to my friends Violet and Madelynne, who are twins, we finally got it to work! Maddie and Violet often like to dress coordinating, but not matchy-matchy, which is exactly what we wanted for these photos! Speaking of Maddie and Violet, we actually have a post about them and their fashion tastes coming up!

Here is our group picture. Sorry we're not all looking at the camera! Left to right we have Indie, Cecile, Venus, Kirsten, Violet, Nikki, Felicity, me, and Madelynne. Our shoes didn't show up so well in the individual shots, so you'll have to look at this photo for them. 

My outfit:
Shirt: American Girl store exclusive Chicago tee
Skirt: WWD original
Shoes: American Girl holiday outfit, 2014

Cecile's outfit:
Dress: American Girl Cecile's Holiday Dress
Boots: American Girl Cecile's Meet Outfit

Indie's outfit:
Shirt: American Girl Grace's Sightseeing Outfit
Skirt: Madame Alexander Autumn Mist
Shoes: Retired American Girl Emily's tap outfit

Kirsten's outfit:
Shirt: WWD original
Skirt: Springfield Collection
Shoes: American Girl Just Like You retired meet outfit

Madelynne's Outfit:
Shirt: American Girl store exclusive Chicago tee
Pants: One of American Girl Saige's outfits
Shoes: American Girl Truly Me meet dress

Venus's Outfit:
Shirt: WWD original
Jacket: Retired American Girl Just Like You meet outfit
Skirt: Retired American Girl Just Like You meet outfit
Socks: American Girl Caroline's meet outfit
Boots: American Girl Kirsten's birthday outfit
Hairbow (sorry you can't see it): Claire's

Felicity's outfit:
Headband: Dollar Store garland
Leotard: Retired American Girl gymnastics outfit
Skirt: American Girl Grace's Sightseeing Outfit
Shoes: Retired American Girl holiday dress

Violet's Outfit:
Jacket: My Doll's Life
Dress: American Girl retired Emily's tap outfit
Shoes: American Girl Grace's Sightseeing Outfit

Nikki's Outfit:
Shirt: American Girl, from Kit's movie premiere
Shorts: Altered American Girl shorts from a retired JLY meet outfit
Boots: Retired American Girl music outfit

Thanks for reading and I'll see you in the next video!