Friday, July 8, 2016

Marlee and Maja at the Grand Hotel

I'm sure you all are familiar with my lovely friend Marlee by now. What you might not know is that Marlee's parents are good friends with the family that owns the Grand Hotel- perhaps the most famous landmark on our island and definitely the most beautiful building. Marlee's birthday was on June 29th, and as a surprise, she invited all of us girls for lunch at the hotel! And by all of us girls, I mean Maja, Eve, Violet, Madelyn, Nikki, Kirsten, Cecile, Piper, and I! That's a lot of girls!

We were too busy having fun and trying to remember our best table manners during lunch to take pictures, but after we ate we poked around in the hotel shops and Sadie's ice cream parlor. Here are some photos of Marlee and Maja that Eve (who, being the prepared photographer she is, had her camera in her bag). Marlee and Maja have absolutely gorgeous dresses.

Here is some exciting island news: Marlee's sister, Lila, is coming to stay here on the island with Marlee at the beginning of August! Lila attends the school Marlee used to go to in NYC, where she learned to be a ballet dancer. Lila also studies ballet, but her main focus is ariel arts and acrobatics! She's even traveled with a circus! Her current school term ends the 1st, and we're expecting her to arrive on the 6th! 

Until next time!
-Zaira Joy

Marlee (Marie-Grace with a frosted blond wavy wig from RRG)
outfit: American Girl Samantha's collection

Maja (GOTY 2016 Lea)
outfit: American Girl Maryellen's collection

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