Meet the Girls

All of the dolls live on a teeny-tiny (magical!) island called Mackinac Island, an island in the middle of Lake Huron, in the American state of Michigan.

Here is a reference map of Mackinac Island so you can better understand the bios. The map is property of the Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau.

Alternatively, I have made an interactive Google map of the island, with all the girl's houses as well as important locations in their story. I've also annotated it. You can check it out here: 

Zaira Joy Yumiko is 14 years old and likes traveling, the ocean, and doing large-scale and mixed media art. Zaira is the original author of this blog and someday she would like to be a clothing designer or artist of some kind. Her greatest wish is to live in Disney World, which she unfortunately knows won't likely happen.  Her favorite colors are mint, coral, and yellow. She is outgoing and creative, and loves to be in nature and explore. Zaira is from Japan but grew up on the island and she enjoys spending time with her friends. Zaira also loves visiting her home country with her parents for Shogatsu (New Year), and Hanami, the cherry blossom festival. Zaira lives on Cadotte Avenue, and her birthday is February 28th. She attends the Little Stone Church with her family every Sunday.  Zaira is a Gryffindor and an Enneagram type two- the helper. (Zaira is a retired historical Ivy doll with custom freckles.)

Eve Amelia Mitchell is Zaira's best friend in the whole world and the two are rarely found apart. Eve is 15 years old and loves photography, and does a good bit of it for the blog. Her grandparents on her mother's side of her family came from Nepal, and her parents met in college in New York City, where Eve was born. Later, she moved to Chicago before moving to the Island when she was ten. Eve loves the idea of getting to visit Nepal one day, and visit the town surrounding Mount Everest. She is a photographer and Eve is also a good singer and an aspiring pianist, and loves to sing and make music with her other good friend, Georgia. She loves the band Paramore. Eve is a Slytherin and an Enneagram type 4- the Individualist. (Eve is MyAG #30 with Caroline's eyes.)

Kirsten Sari Larson is 15 years old and enjoys science and computers. She also likes to swim and do water sports such as boating and jet skiing. She would like to be a boat captain or scientist when she gets older. Her dream is also to own and live on a houseboat. Her favorite color is blue and Kirsten's style is very preppy or sometimes beachy, and her personality is quirky and a little bossy, but her close friends know that she is always loyal and caring. Kirsten is 1/4 Norwegian and 1/4 German, (mom) and 1/2 Swedish (dad). Kirsten is from the outskirts of Stockholm, the largest city in Sweden, where she lived with her parents, Anders and Greta, her brothers, Lars and Peter, her sister, Britta, and her cat, Missy, until she was five. Kirsten's immediate family lives on the island but she goes back to Sweden each summer to visit her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, as well as her best friend, Marta. Her father's brother lives in Brazil, as do Kirsten's aunt and three cousins, Gabriela, Paolo, and Camila. Her oldest cousin on this side of the family, Maja, currently lives with Kirsten on the island.  Kirsten's family owns a sailboat called the Lady Caroline. She lives on the end of Huron Road, and her birthday is June 8th. Kirsten's favorite song is Home by Gabrielle Aplin. Kirsten is a Ravenclaw and an Enneagram type one- the reformer. (Kirsten is a retired historical character.)

Nicolette (Nikki) Mae Sherman is the youngest girl, at eleven years old and she collects toys like My Little Pony and Disney Princess memorabilia. She would like to be a ballerina someday and takes lessons from Marlee. Her dream is to dance on Broadway. Nikki likes pink and purple and is sweet and talented, she models, dances, and loves to sing. She also has a horse called Jackson. She lives with her aunt and her cousins Piper, Delia, Kaili, and Nira. Her favorite food is Funfetti cupcakes. She lives on Pottawatomie Road, closest to Kirsten, and her birthday is January 7th. Nikki is a Hufflpuff and an Enneagram type 2- the helper. Nikki's favorite song is Riptide by Vance Joy. Nikki doesn't really have a best friend, she's fine with hanging out with everyone but finds herself spending the most time with Kirsten since they live near one another. (Nikki is a GOTY 2007 Nicki doll.)

Cecile Amelie Rae-Noelle is 13 years old and loves animals and writing fairy tale stories. Someday Cecile wants to be a writer or a veterinarian. Her dream is to meet a REAL writer of one of the fairytale stories she loves to read. Cecile swears she has seen fairies in the woods, but only Piper believes her. Cecile's favorite color is green, she is quiet most of the time, but isn't afraid to speak her mind or stand up for herself and others. Cecile's parents are from different parts of Africa but Cecile grew up in St. Ignace before moving to the Island when she was ten. Her family includes her older sister Nadria, she is now in college off the island, and her parents, as well as two dogs named Sprocket and Meatloaf.  Cecile's family is friends with Piper's family and the two are best friends. She lives on Huron Road near Church Street, and her birthday is May 28th. Her parents own the Pink Pony Bar and Grill on the lakeside. Cecile also plays the cello.  Cecile is a Ravenclaw and an Enneagram type nine- the peacemaker. (Cecile is a retired historical character Cécile Rey with retextured hair.)

Violet Sophia Montello is 14 years old and LOVES traveling, art, gymnastics, rock climbing, and hanging out with her BFFs. Violet would like to be a professional rock climber or artist someday. Her dream is to travel around the world. Violet likes orange best, but there isn't a color in the rainbow she doesn't love.  She isn't shy, but isn't loud either. She is very outgoing and likes thinking up creative solutions for problems. Violet was born in France and grew up in Italy, however she is half Spanish and half Italian. She is fraternal twins with Madelynne and is the younger by three minutes and fourteen seconds. She lives on Tuscott Street behind the butterfly house, and her birthday is July 19th. Violet is asexual but not aromantic, and she is best friends with Lila, and also Gwen and Claudia. Violet is a Hufflepuff and an Enneagram type 5- the investigator. (Violet is TrulyMe #42 with #62's wig, not pictured here.)

Piper Jane Merriman is fourteen years old and loves everything to do with magic, including fairies, dragons, princesses, elves, and anything else mystical you can think of, as well as quests and adventures. Piper would someday like to live in a treehouse in the mountains. Piper is loud and outgoing, and can be something of a rebel and a bit of a troublemaker. Piper grew up in Dublin, Ireland, and moved to the island when she was seven. She lives on Pottawatomie Road, closest to Kirsten, and her birthday is October 8th. Her father died in a shipwreck when she was six, and her mother tells her that he is where much of her adventurous spirit comes from. She has a sister names Felicity who is away at college and a cousin Nikki who lives with her. She also has adopted twin sisters, Kaili and Nira, as well as a blood-related little sister, Delia, all three of whom are nine. Piper also has dyslexia, but she makes up for her difficulty reading with her enthusiasm for hands-on science. Someday Piper would like to be a marine biologist. She is pansexual and demisexual. Piper is a Gryffindor and an Enneagram type eight- the challenger. She's best friends with Cecile, and has an ever-growing crush on Madelynne, although she doesn't think the other girl likes her very much. Piper is GOTY 2013 Saige with a cut wig, custom freckles, and custom green eyes)

Marlee Evanna Grace Ellis is 16 years old and recently moved in with her parents who have always lived here on the Island. Marlee previously lived with her aunt and uncle in New York and attended a prestigious arts school, where she trained to be a ballet dancer. Now she teaches Nikki and a few other younger girls ballet on Saturday mornings in her home studio with the help of her adopted sister Lila. Marlee enjoys fashion and vintage, Victorian clothes, makeup, Disney, the colors gold and pink, and polaroid pictures. She is best friends with Maja and Georgia. Marlee lives on the West Bluff, by the Grand Hotel, on Lake View Boulevard, and her birthday is March 3rd. She plays the cello. Marlee identifies as a lesbian, and is currently in a relationship with Maja. Marlee is a Hufflepuff and an Enneagram type six- the loyalist. (Marlee is a Marie-Grace doll with a cut frosted blonde RRG wig and freckles.)

Madelynne Hailey Montello is 14 years old and she loves nature, music, adventures, and occasionally deciding to skip school on a bright spring day in favor of exploring the woods and climbing some rock formations. Maddie is Violet's fraternal twin sister and she was born in France but grew up in Italy. Maddie can be very stubborn, and is protective of the wildlife on the island, she someday hopes to work there as a ranger. Maddie tends to be a bit mysterious as she doesn't talk much to anyone, although all the other girls think she's really cool. Madelynne is a Slytherin and an enneagram type three- the achiever. She lives on Tuscott Street behind the butterfly house, and her birthday is July 19th. She prefers to be on her own and doesn't really have a best friend, but if she had to choose someone she doesn't find annoying she would probable pick Piper. (Madelynne is TrulyMe #62 with #42's wig.)

Maja Florence Larson is Kirsten's cousin, and she grew up in Ouro Preto, Brazil. She's half Swedish and half Brazilian (Pardo, specifically), and speaks both Portuguese and English. Maja is 17 and lived in Brazil until she was fourteen, and the rest of her family still lives there so she makes frequent trips back to visit her parents and her younger siblings, Gabriela, Paolo, and Camila. Maja grew up being immersed in Brazilian culture, and she enjoys going to Rio de Janeiro each year for Carnival with her siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Her favorite food is Brigaderio, a popular Brazilian treat. Maja likes fashion, parties, and adventure, she isn't afraid to do anything but doesn't see why she shouldn't look fabulous while doing it. Her favorite color is purple and she loves glitter, cacti, journals, poetry, and crystals. Maja is bisexual and a huge supporter of feminism and equal rights. She is also in a relationship with Marlee. Maja lives with her cousin Kirsten on the end of Huron Road, and her birthday is August 14th. Maja is a Ravenclaw and an enneagram type three- the achiever. Her favorite singers are Lauren Jaugauri and Demi Lovato. (Maja is a GOTY 2016 Lea Clark doll with custom dyed hair.)

Lila Adele Ellis is Marlee's adopted little sister, and she is 14 years old. She attended an art school in New York City until the fall of 2016, where she trained to become an ariel and trapeze artist. Lila's favorite color is yellow and her favorite flower is a daisy. Lila loves to explore and adventure with her friends, and she is known among the group for her upbeat personality and eternal optimism. Lila's Hogwarts house is Gryffindor, and she is an Enneagram type seven- the enthusiast. Her favorite food is sugar cookies, and she loves performing- she's even been part of a circus! She's best friends with Violet, and also enjoys hanging out with Claudia and Gwen. (Lila is TrulyMe #58)

Claudia Bronwyn Kishi is sixteen years old. Claud, as she is called by just about everyone, or Claudie by her parents and grandmother, grew up in Marquette, a town in the far north of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. In January of 2017 she moved to the island after by sheer luck both her mother and father were able to be hired at the island school. Also accompanying them was Claudia's grandmother, Antonia, who immigrated from Cuba just before the trade embargo was placed in 1962. Claudia plans to spend the summer in Cuba with her family and the relatives she has never gotten a chance to meet because of this embargo, which was recently lifted. Claudia, however, is not biologically related to her grandmother, as well as her mother- she is the daughter of her father and her birth mother, a (like her father) Chinese-American woman who sadly passed due to complications relating to Claudia's birth. Claudia's birth mother and father were never married, and when Claudia was two her stepmother and her father were married, they had dated way back in high school. Claudia loves art and every piece of clothing she owns is covered in paint splatters. She can be messy and in a daydreamer, she is not very good at schoolwork but her creativity more than makes up for it. Claudia likes every color in the rainbow. She has already been scheduled to have her art featured in the Grand Hotel's gallery, as part of a show in August of 2017. In addition, Claudia also loves fashion from the 40's, 50's, and 60's. She's best friends with Gwen, and also Lila and Violet. Claudia lives on Market Street, she is an Enneagram type four (the Individualist), she is a Hufflepuff, and her birthday is January 20th. (Claudia is an American Girl #4 doll)

Georgia Aisling McKenzie is fifteen years old, she is known to her parents and close friends as Georgie or Gigi. Georgia was born biologically from her mama, Aisling, with the use of a sperm bank. Her family is originally Irish, and she lives on the Island with her mom and mama- Olivia McKenzie, from whom her last name comes from, and Aisling, who she got her middle name from after changing her name legally when she was thirteen. Georgia is transgender (her birth name, which she has no trouble sharing as it's often unintentionally used as a nickname and she usually has to explain why she doesn't like it, was George) and had planned on keeping this a secret when she moved to the Island, as she had been bullied after coming out at her old middle school. However, after being accepted by the other Island girls as a trusted and close friend, she chose to come out the summer after she moved here and has never been happier. Georgia feels that she has grown a lot in the past year and she hopes to share some of the emotions she's felt in this time to help other girls like her in the songs she writes. She also enjoys learning about Irish culture and someday hopes to visit Ireland where her family is from to visit her extended family. Georgia is best friends with Eve, Zaira, Maja, and Marlee, and her favorite color is green. She likes fashion, swimming, boating, and playing volleyball. Georgia's birthday is May 23rd, she lives above Caddywampus on Main Street (an artsy store that her parents own) since November of 2017, she is a Gryffindor and an Enneagram type seven, the Enthusiast. (Georgia is Truly Me #61 with light freckles all over her face)

Gwendolyn Mary Carlisle, called Gwen by most everyone, is a daydreamer sort of girl who loves fairies and magic. She doesn't often hang out with Piper and Cecile, the other fairy-lovers in the group, because of their often rambunctious personalities, but quickly befriended Claudia after meeting her and her parents (teachers at the school) at her September orientation. Gwendolyn is 15 years old, and when she was 11 she was diagnosed with Takayasu’s Arteritis, a rare disease most common in teen girls and women that causes damage to the aorta, the main artery that delivers blood from your heart to the rest of your body. Fortunately, Gwen was diagnosed early in her life and the disease is not under control by medication and no longer poses a threat to her everyday life. However, this is a chronic illness, meaning that you don't just "get better", and because of the medication she takes it often makes her extremely fatigued. As a result, Gwendolyn often uses a wheelchair or a set of canes to get around without being in pain or feeling extremely tired. Gwendolyn is a Griffindor and an Enneagram type 5, the Investigator. (Gwendolyn is a Nellie doll.)

Ramona Camille Parkington is 16 years old and is best friends with Clementine. Ramona enjoys "retro" kinds of things like record players and she also liked to go thrift shopping on the mainland when she gets the chance. Ramona works at Cindy's Riding Stables in the summer and grooms the horses, her mother owns the stables. She is very smart and often gets annoyed with others, preferring to be on her own and do her own hobbies, which include making pins, patches, and tiny books called zines. Someday Ramona would like to be a textile designer and hopes to go to art school. Ramona is a Ravenclaw and an Enneagram type 3- the achiever. (Ramona is a BeForever Samantha doll)

Clementine Louisa Arnold is 17 years old and is best friends with Ramona. Clementine likes retro things like Ramona does, and she also loves sci-fi and space. Clementine is a Gryffindor and an Enneagram type 1- the reformer. (Clementine is Truly Me #26.)


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