Sunday, March 29, 2020

Spring Forest Adventure

Hi, y'all! It's Zaira, but only for a second, because today I'm handing my blogging tasks over to my good friends Elijah and Eve. We've all been trying to stay busy around here, since school is closed and many of our family businesses are, too. Elijah is still at work, of course, and we've all been going to bother him every once in a while., just for something to do. Yesterday, he and Eve decided to go up in the woods on the bluffs and have a little look around at some of the first signs of spring on the island. I'll hand it over to them now! Thank you guys for sharing your exploration!

-Zaira Joy

Hello! It's Eve here, and I think that, first of all, I need to apologize for the both of us when I say that we might make some mistakes with this whole blogging thing. Eli and I are both usually behind-the-scenes sorts of people--you may know that Zaira and I co-run this blog usually, I take the photos and she does the writing. But you might not know that Elijah is an amazing artist. He loves botanical illustration and making little worlds in his sketchbook. He wants to go to school for that someday--but enough from me, for now. Elijah can talk about himself!

Oh! Um, hi. Thanks, Eve! :) I would tell all of you how amazing Eve's photos are, but if you've been around here for even a minute you already know. I can talk about our little walk in the woods, though! I love spending time up on the bluffs any time of the year, but especially in the early spring and late fall when there aren't many people. This year, it's even quieter than usual! I'm lucky that I live in the woods to begin with, my house is pretty isolated and it's nice to hear the birdsongs and things. Although, I suppose other people might not like it as much. I know that Georgia and Eve love living up above their moms' shop on Main Street, and I can see why, with all the fun and excitement that goes on along the shore in summertime.

It's true, Georgia and I do love being right in town, but I love being up in the woods as well. I think in this photo I was trying to convince you to climb a tree with me. You weren't having it.

You're right. I'll stay right here on the ground, thank you very much. And I should probably do what we were asked to do when Zaira first said we could commandder her blog for a day--update you on some signs of spring! And, well, there aren't many yet. It's been rainy, so the grass is getting greener, but you sure can't tell in the photos. There aren't many buds or blooms yet, either, but I did see some crocuses and robins in Lila and Marlee's front yard on the way to work the other morning. It does seem fitting that the season would start for them just a little before it does for everyone else.

We hope that you and all of your families are staying healthy right now! I know things are a little scary for everyone, and if you can get outside in nature, by yourself or with the people you live with, do it!

We also hope that we didn't do too bad a job here today, and maybe Zaira and you all will have us back again sometime! Until then,
-Eve and Elijah

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