Saturday, April 16, 2016

Spring on the Island

Do you all remember these lovely photos we took of Madelynne in late summer on the mainland? We had taken a trip ("we" being myself, Violet, Maddie, and Venus) to the fort in St. Ignace and stopped on the beach before we caught the evening ferry back home. 

Well, yesterday Maddie was at my house after school, and we found these pictures and remembered the lovey dress she was wearing. We decided to meet Venus at Sugar Loaf to take some more photos, and I love how they turned out. We also took some on the beach in front of Mission Point- our favorite beach photography spot besides maybe in front of Arch Rock.

In other news and island life updates, the horses have arrived back on the island, which is the surest sign that spring has arrived. Two weeks ago, Marlee had a birthday (on April 3rd) and we had a lovely day at her house. Venus has also ordered a new camera and is waiting for it to arrive, but as soon as it does we'll be taking some photos of Marlee in the new outfit she got for her birthday- it's the springiest spring outfit I've ever seen and I'm so excited to see what Venus comes up with for photographing it. 

Indie and I had a picnic in our favorite little spot last week, which is Anne's Tablet. It's a memorial to the author Constance Feinmore Woolson, who wrote two of Indie's favorite books: Castle Nowhere and Anne. I like them as well, but I don't love them nearly as much as Indie does. I do recommend you read them. Silver in Castle Nowhere is one of my favorite book characters ever.

Anyway, I'll see you very soon with photos of Marlee taken on Venus's new camera!
- Zaira Joy

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