Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Marlee's Birthday Outfit (and venus's new camera)

I mentioned two things to you all in our last post: Marlee has had a birthday and gotten a lovely new outfit, and Venus has gotten a new camera. What better way to test out a shiny new camera than on a shiny new outfit? 

I am forever envious of how long Marlee's hair is, but I don't have her patience for hairstyling, I'm afraid. 

Marlee's earrings are adorable. I need to get some new ones- I wear the same gold ones every day! I don't think I'm brave enough to get a second piercing, though. 

In island news, Marlee and Venus took these photos in the early evening at the Jewel golf course. It's been warm, and I think we're all itching for this last month of school to hurry itself up. Tourists have started coming little by little, and while it can be a bit annoying, it is our island's biggest industry and you've just got to learn to love it. Not to mention that it means more frequent ferries- which in turn means going to the mainland more often.

I'll see you next time, with photos of a new outfit Indie has ordered. I think you'll love it.

- Zaira Joy Yumiko
(with help from Venus Amelia May Carter and Marlee Grace Thomas)

in this post:
shirt and overalls: our generation at target
earrings: straight pins 
shoes: grace's sightseeing outfit from ag

marlee is a marie-grace doll with brown eyes, freckles, repainted lips, and a frosted blonde wig from ruby red galleria.

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