Saturday, July 18, 2015

Madelynne's Adventure Outfit

Hey guys, it's Zaira! Earlier this month, we posted Violet's adventure outfit. Today I'll be showing you her twin sister Madelynne's adventure outfit. Maddie and Violet are fraternal twins- which means they aren't identical, so they don't look exactly alike. In Violet's post, we showed you the outfit she wore for her trip down to the rapids in the river. Yesterday, Maddie went to the hills on the edge of the island to photograph this outfit.

Don't worry, Maddie wasn't in any danger when she posed in the road for this picture! On our island, there are no cars- which means this road is only used for horses and bikes! It wasn't very busy, since most of the tourists were in town eating lunch when we took this photo. 

You can see how empty the road is here, and Madelynne's full outfit. She's wearing this off-the-shoulder top, cutoff shorts, and cowgirl boots that we borrowed from our friend Nikki.

Venus got a little distracted and took this picture of a sea gull...

I love this outfit on Mads!

Here is the cliff we had to climb up to take these photos! Hope you enjoyed, we got a ton of mosquito bites so it better have been worth it!


Madelynne's Outfit
Shirt: WWD original
Shorts: cutoff jeans from an old JLY meet outfit
Boots: AG Nicki's meet outfit

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