Saturday, July 4, 2015

Flowers in the City

Hi guys! It's Zaira, and today I'll be posting about my lovely best friend Venus's outfit that the two of us put together for our trip to Chicago. It's really a tunic style dress- and that's it! From Venus's other posts you may have noticed that she usually wears the same black combat boots- they're her favorites! And in most of her photos on this blog she's also wearing these knee socks, but she doesn't always wear those! Venus says there's no way she's wearing tights, because they're uncomfortable and not good for adventure! So whenever I suggest tights, V always reaches for these knee socks, which work just as well in my opinion.

Here is the full outfit. You can see that Venus has her hair in braids- she has really long, curly hair and although I think it's lovely, she says that it's a pain to take care of and therefore always wears it up so she doesn't have to cut it short. This two braid style is her favorite.

This photo is a little dark, because as I've mentioned before, Venus is usually our photographer and I don't know how to work her camera that well! But I guess I really just wanted to show you how Venus does her makeup- she loves to wear red lipstick and black winged eyeliner, but to keep it from looking too dramatic, she never covers up her freckles, which I think is a great idea! 

I hope you enjoyed this outfit! I'm off to go upload the photos Venus and I took of Violet for the post that was supposed to go up last week, but she had a swimming practice. I'll try to get that up within an hour to make up for not posting on Wednesday when we were out of town!


Dress: WWD Original
Shoes: Retired American Girl Kirsten's Birthday Outfit
Socks: American Girl Caroline's Meet Outfit

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