Friday, July 3, 2015

Independence Day Outfits

Hi guys! It's Zaira, and today I wanted to show you all the Independence Day outfits my friends and I put together! These outfits aren't the best ones we've ever done because we really had to dig around in our closets to find outfits that looked okay together, but thanks to my friends Violet and Madelynne, who are twins, we finally got it to work! Maddie and Violet often like to dress coordinating, but not matchy-matchy, which is exactly what we wanted for these photos! Speaking of Maddie and Violet, we actually have a post about them and their fashion tastes coming up!

Here is our group picture. Sorry we're not all looking at the camera! Left to right we have Indie, Cecile, Venus, Kirsten, Violet, Nikki, Felicity, me, and Madelynne. Our shoes didn't show up so well in the individual shots, so you'll have to look at this photo for them. 

My outfit:
Shirt: American Girl store exclusive Chicago tee
Skirt: WWD original
Shoes: American Girl holiday outfit, 2014

Cecile's outfit:
Dress: American Girl Cecile's Holiday Dress
Boots: American Girl Cecile's Meet Outfit

Indie's outfit:
Shirt: American Girl Grace's Sightseeing Outfit
Skirt: Madame Alexander Autumn Mist
Shoes: Retired American Girl Emily's tap outfit

Kirsten's outfit:
Shirt: WWD original
Skirt: Springfield Collection
Shoes: American Girl Just Like You retired meet outfit

Madelynne's Outfit:
Shirt: American Girl store exclusive Chicago tee
Pants: One of American Girl Saige's outfits
Shoes: American Girl Truly Me meet dress

Venus's Outfit:
Shirt: WWD original
Jacket: Retired American Girl Just Like You meet outfit
Skirt: Retired American Girl Just Like You meet outfit
Socks: American Girl Caroline's meet outfit
Boots: American Girl Kirsten's birthday outfit
Hairbow (sorry you can't see it): Claire's

Felicity's outfit:
Headband: Dollar Store garland
Leotard: Retired American Girl gymnastics outfit
Skirt: American Girl Grace's Sightseeing Outfit
Shoes: Retired American Girl holiday dress

Violet's Outfit:
Jacket: My Doll's Life
Dress: American Girl retired Emily's tap outfit
Shoes: American Girl Grace's Sightseeing Outfit

Nikki's Outfit:
Shirt: American Girl, from Kit's movie premiere
Shorts: Altered American Girl shorts from a retired JLY meet outfit
Boots: Retired American Girl music outfit

Thanks for reading and I'll see you in the next video!

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