Thursday, December 19, 2019

A Christmas Card from Us to You

Piper and Madelyn

Hi! It's me, Zaira (well, that's not me in the photo, but this is me writing- yeah, you get it.) :)

Merry Christmas from us here at Worldwide Dolls to you!

I've decided to go back to this blog's humble beginnings as a fashion journal...with some of my own commentary on holiday looks all over the island (or at least the ones willing to appear in my living room on this chilly December day!)


I love Madelyn's sense of style. Piper is forever joking that dating Madelyn has given her a whole new wardrobe, and she's probably not wrong. This girl is the queen of thrifting. I'll have to see if I can get her to write some sort of "thrifting tips" blog post one of these days. Anyway, we think, with some through Wikipedia-ing, that this dress is probably from the forties, which is super cool! It's this dark, evergreen-colored velvet with tiny pearly buttons and lace trim. I love vintage Christmas dresses, and this one is no exception!


Speaking of Piper, here she is! And in true Piper style, there are no dresses to be found here, but I would argue that what she is wearing is perhaps even better- these retro-looking velvet-y overalls that she found with Madelyn. Like I said, Maddie has the best thrifting luck. I mean, really? Matching outfits? I could never. These are missing one of the button clasps, but Piper just pinned the strap to the inside, and I think it looks just fine, and maybe even adds a spunky touch- what do you think?

Ramona and Gwendolyn

Ramona and Gwen are quenching my thirst for ruffles and lace, though, with these two Victorian-looking dresses. I love the bows and ribbon detailing on these. I feel like the holiday season is where it's really acceptable to go all out with decorations, although if you ask me, it should be allowed any time of the year! I need to start finding ways to incorporate more fancy clothes into my school wardrobe. Things like this are too fun to be saved for "special occasions", anyway.


Gwen looks so nice in this pink and white dress. Even though the colors aren't inherently "Christmassy", I think that this dress is perfect for the season. It reminds me of something that Clara would wear in the Nutracker- very delicate and pastel.


And Ramona has picked this red satin dress, with a lacey collar. The dark color looks so pretty with her hair.

Rosanna and Elijah

Rosie and Elijah were just hanging around and I talked them into letting me snap a few photos. So, these aren't their holiday outfits, but they are pretty great, in true Rosie and Eli style.


Elijah always wears this tan jacket- do any of you have a favorite piece of clothing that you like to wear? I love the stripes he's wearing under it.


And Rosie has this little grey wool jumper. I really need to get myself something like this. I love how you can change the look so easily just by putting a different shirt underneath.

Thank you so much for reading, and I'll see you again soon!

Your friend,
-Zaira Joy

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