Saturday, September 21, 2019

Hello, World!

This is Zaira here to announce that we have been very, very bad at updating our blog as of recently. It's quite embarrassing, to be honest, and we really don't have an excuse. But never fear! We're back, and better than ever! Well, we hope we are, anyway. The blog is going to be refurbished and redone soon, thanks to Kirsten and her computer skills. You can expect an easier-to-navigate biography page as well as some other cosmetic changes. And, as if that's not enough, I think some introductions are in order! We have new friends- and we're really excited to welcome them here on the blog!

These lovely people are Rosanna (seated) and Elijah! They're wonderful, and Rosanna is part of the reason that I've been so inspired to start up this blog again! Rosanna is writing a book, and seeing how happy writing makes her has made me want to start writing again too! Although you won't see little old me writing a novel anytime soon, I'll be around to give you the occasional long-winded status update!

Elijah and Rosanna are really different- Rosanna is really quiet, and, as I said before, she loves to write. Although she is so quiet, she gets along super well with Piper, which is surprising to me! Piper is, well, not quiet. But they love to talk about theories and fantasy and computer games and podcasts that I don't understand.

Elijah is also kind of quiet- he works at the grocery store in town, and lives up on the bluff. This might sound silly, but I think they get along so well because they both really like being alone- they know when not to bother each other and they're happy doing their own things, just close to one another.

Speaking of relationship drama (I know, I know, I'm going to leave your head spinning!), Piper and Maddie are FINALLY dating. I think that everyone knew that they liked each other except them. We were all unsuprised to find out. It's an all-around wonderful situation- for them, because, like, love and all that, and for everyone else, because we don't have to endure the constant awkward flirting. (Sorry, guys, but it was pretty bad).

I think that's FINALLY all the life updates. I'll be sure to tell you as soon as something else interesting happens.

Until next time,
-Zaira Joy

(A quick reminder of what I look like, in case you've forgotten or something else silly like that.)

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