Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Meet Kayla!

Hi everyone! It's Zaira! 

The Worldwide Dolls crew has changed a bit in the past few months. If you've been keeping an eye on our "bios" page, you might have noticed a few new faces and a few friends that have moved on to live elsewhere, too. Today, we wanted to introduce you to one of our new friends, Kayla!

Kayla Bea Robbins (she/her) is an Anishinaabe girl who loves spending time in nature and working on craft projects. When she gets older, she would love to become an entomologist (a bug scientist!). Kayla is also transgender, and her family has lived on the island for hundreds of years. Her Hogwarts house is Griffindor and her personality type is INFP-T, The Mediator.

I hope that you've enjoyed meeting our new friend!

Until next time,

-Zaira Joy

 (Kayla is a Logan doll with Maryellen eyes, a Samantha wig, and custom freckles.)

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