Friday, July 24, 2020

Family Photos: The Ellis Girls

Hi everyone! It's Eve, and I'm back with another installment of my "family photos" series! These girl are Marlee, Eden, and Lila Ellis, and I'm super lucky to call all of them my friends. Marlee is a senior, Eden is a junior, and Lila is a freshman at our high school!

Even though they're all sisters, all of the Ellis girls are very different! Marlee is the oldest, and she's also the quietest of the group. She loves to make all sorts of arts and crafts, from jewelry to paintings and drawings, and she also loves to write stories. Eden, the middle sister, is on the Inclusion Board at our school, and she works to make sure that school events and activities are accessible to everyone! Lila, the youngest sister, is definitely the most outgoing of the bunch, and she loves performing!

Before they moved here, all three of the girls lived in New York City, where they attended a performing arts school for dance. Now, Marlee teaches dance after school and on the weekends, and Lila especially loves to perform in talent shows and recitals, often to raise money for good causes!

I hope that you all enjoyed the latest installment of my little series! I'll be back soon with the next family photo.


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