Monday, May 23, 2016

Venus in Coral

I think we've featured Venus wearing this outfit on this blog before...but these photos were too gorgeous to not share.

See what I mean? Look at that bokeh!

And this dress looks lovely with Venus's new hair color. She dyed it back to her natural color, and I think it looks fabulous. Look how long it is too! Beautiful.

I've really been on a roll with blog posts recently! And they shouldn't be stopping any time soon. Marlee and I came up with the cutest outfit for her to wear to a party last night, and she wants to show all of you. And then hopefully Maja will be introduced soon as well. So many exciting things happening all at once here on our island!

See you all back here very soon!
-Zaira Joy

Outfit: American Girl's Shimmer and Lace Party Dress and shoes
Doll: Venus is a Caroline doll with a repaint, nose piercing, and Marie-Grace's wig without pincurls.

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