Saturday, May 21, 2016

Indie in Victorian Style

I promised this post a while ago, but school has been getting in the way of everything! It's finally the weekend and we've just finished taking our finals, so here's some lovely photos of Indie that Venus took this morning,

As many of you know, Indie loves all things related to fairytales and Victorian days, and she bought this dress at the antique fair three weekends ago because Violet told her it looked like something Clara would wear in the Nutcracker. The amazing shoes match perfectly- Marlee found them in her attic while she was going through some boxes of old hats and purses. Indie made the bow and tie at the waist from some ribbon her mom had. 

Now, for some updates! As I mentioned in the last post, Kirsten's cousin Maja is scheduled to arrive Friday. I don't want to scare her by shoving a camera in her face right away, of course, but Kirsten's told me that she's very outgoing and has even done some modelling for Brazilian teen clothing stores before, which is so cool! I suppose you'll see her here on the blog sooner rather than later.

I'll leave you with this gorgeous photo Venus snapped this morning, when were taking photos. We actually took them up on the bluff in Marlee's backyard because Indie had to borrow these shoes, but the hotel looked so peaceful before all the tourists arrived for the day on the boat. Tourism is kind of a love-hate thing with all the residents- it can get a bit annoying, but most of our jobs are dependent on it. 

See you soon!
-Zaira Joy

Outfit: Samantha's Frilly Frock from American Girl
Indie is a Saige doll with green eyes, freckles, and a long wavy brunette wig from Ruby Red Galleria.

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